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Tabletop Miniatures

  • Cruel Seas: Imperial Japanese Navy Fleet | 782612003

    Between the wars Japan reassessed its position with its navy, building the world’s first purpose-built aircraft carrier, the Hosho in 1921 and inventing its deadly fast and powerful type 93 24’’ oxygen fuelled torpedoes. They also...

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  • Cruel Seas: Italian Regia Marina Fleet | 782612002

    Description The Regia Marina was confident, had indisputably the most handsome ships in the world and referred to the troubled waters of the Mediterranean as Mare nostrum(our sea). By the start of the war, as well as capital ships, it fielded 59...

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  • Cruel Seas: Kriegsmarine - S-Boat Flotilla | 782012001

    Cruel Seas: Kriegsmarine - S-Boat Flotilla | 782012001

    The Schnellboat or ‘E Boat’ as the British Admiralty called them, E for enemy, was a truly formidable beast, in many ways incomparable in detail to the other nation’s boats. In sheer size alone, the E boat was much, much bigger. Allied...

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  • Cruel Seas: Kriegsmarine Fleet | 782612001

    Kaiser Wilhelm’s vision, indeed obsession, with building a vast fleet of dreadnoughts came to nought during the Great War. He knew that his excellent fleet could not risk significant battles with the Royal Navy, it was a one-shot weapon. The...

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  • Cruel Seas: Royal Navy - Vosper MTB Flotilla | 782011001

    Cruel Seas: Royal Navy - Vosper MTB Flotilla | 782011001

    At the outbreak of war, Britain had 3 formed MTB flotillas, precious few to cover the world’s largest empire. But with judicious use of what were pre-war civilian boatyards and the huge resources of their empire and help from the USA, the Coastal...

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  • Cruel Seas: Royal Navy Fleet | 782611001

    Great Britain never built a vessel as fast or as deadly as the E-boats, instead, fielding many types of MTB and motor gunboats. After a slow start, the Royal Navy helped by construction in the USA, Canada and India, built an extraordinary catalogue of...

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  • Cruel Seas: Rulebook | 781010001

    In Cruel Seas, you take on the role of a naval crew manning their fragile coastal craft as they head out day and night to take on both the sea and the enemy. Command your flotilla of small ships as they head out to attack a convoy, drop off Commandoes...

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  • Cruel Seas: Starter Set | 781510001

    The Cruel Seas Starter Set contains everything you need to command your flotilla in this fast-paced 1/300th scale tabletop game. The Cruel Seas boxed game, ‘Strike Fast, Strike Hard!’, contains: A4 softback rulebook A4 quick start guide...

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  • Cruel Seas: US Navy - PT Boat Flotilla | 782011002

    On December 7th, 1941, the US Navy could only boast 3 squadrons of motor torpedo boats, or PT boats (patrol torpedo) as they were named. PT squadron 1 was based on Pearl Harbor and the 12 boats opened fire on the incoming Japanese bombers, claiming 2...

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  • Cruel Seas: US Navy Fleet | 782611002

    By 1941 there were 29 total PT’s total in the US Navy, by December ’43 there were 29 squadrons. Indeed, by the end of the war the small ships, PT’s LCI etc. numbered 7,000 craft of 80 types. Many Early PT boats had up to 4 torpedoes and...

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