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We no longer stock Dust 1947.

Posted by Karl on Jul 4th 2019

Sadly our current relationship with Dust 1947 via their distributor Dust USA has ended.  The explanation as to why this has come to pass is complicated, and blame rests with both parties.  The decision not to supply us, is however ultimately Dust USA's.  We would love to stock the entire range of Primed products but we cannot.  We offered to make a significant financial re-commitment in the form of a large order and it was rejected.  We can say we are pleased to have represented this product line for almost 4 years, including during the incredibly difficult period associated with the Battlefront Kickstarter, when the only source of supply was directly from Hong Kong, and when Miniature Market, and other major e-commerce retailers were declaring "Dust is Dead".  We love this game with a passion, and wish it all the best going forward.