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Former Dropfleet and Dropzone customers, give us another shot!

Former Dropfleet and Dropzone customers, give us another shot!

Posted by Karl on Aug 6th 2019

When we first started Game Time Miniatures in the fall of 2014 we did so with the intention of stocking and selling only those games we liked and played.  Back then it was Flames of War, Dust 1947, and Dropzone Commander.  Our small basement operation flourished and grew.  When the last of the local game stores that catered to those games closed we opened our first retail location.  A year later we moved to an even larger facility, boasting 6 large gaming tables.  Those of you that visited that store will remember the wall of Hawk Wargames product.  We had a minimum of two of everything in stock.

Last year a combination of one founder becoming ill, and the other moving out of the U.S for a while dictated that we close our retail location, and thus we shifted our focus back to online sales, investing in a new website, and an upgraded eBay store.  Things went well, but the remaining founder had to undergo major surgery in March, his seventh, and his recovery took much longer than expected.  Things started to fray around the edges.  Then just recently we found that the inventory integration between the website and eBay was not working correctly, resulting in oversold stock.  Delays in getting re-stock from TTCombat compounded the problem, and the net result was we made both loyal, and new customers angry at us.  This even lead to rumors that maybe we don't actually stock anything.  The pictures below, taken today should disprove that.  In addition we restock bi-weekly, though recently due to incredible success of Battle for Earth order processing times at the U.K Distributor have slowed a bit.

We admit we let the Dropzone, and Dropfleet community we have supported for 5 years down in a big way.  As gamers we know how frustrating it can be to deal with slow and disreputable vendors.  We also know have no right to ask for another chance, but that is exactly what we are asking.  We have fixed our inventory control problems, and we have almost completly caught up with previously delayed orders.  We are focused now on selling TTCombat products only through our website to avoid inventory issues.  Take advantage of this months Dog Days of Summer Sale to save 10%, and give us another try.  You won't be disappointed, and remember we just added the complete range of TTCombat Sci-Fi X 10mm MDF Dropzone terrain and have implemented a great loyalty program, to keep you coming back.